This page contains links useful across the grades:

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Timothy Christian School Wiki (how others are using their wiki)

Using our Mobis:
eInstruction Teaching Resources
multimedia morning opener / review - see SK example

Teacher Resources:
OACS-shared curriculum, discussion groups, and policy - OACS EdCommons
MAP - Measures of Academic Progress DestinationPD
- why we are doing MAP, try a sample! How about MPG, MAP for Primary Grades, try it here!
- login as NWEA admin, teacher or proctor: NWEA login. Student Login here
Remind Bus Fanout:
Parent-Teacher Interviews scheduling:
teaching a distinct Christian perspective: What If Learning
Project-based learning: Ontario Christian Teachers Academy
Classroom management:
Primary learners: Stephen Levy - Resources for Primary

Elgin County Library
Ministry of Education eWorkshop
Media Awareness Network
Smart Express (use SmartBoard lessons online)
BBC Schools
Make videos, and record a lesson: Screencast-O-Matic
Make a speaking avatar (alternative to a video, make a student or teacher presentation fun!): Voki
Online Classroom Tools (simulated FB, Twitter, games for lesson reinforcement):
An example of how various tools might be used - 7 minute video reflection from CSI Building a Blended Course
Google Play Music
Quizzizz (Interactive Assessment Tool)

Breakfast Program (ICS contact is Charlotte MacDonald, Elgin Public Health):
Monthly and Annual Reporting (click on reporting button)
OSNP bulk purchasing

Search Engines and Study Tools:
How to Access the Public Library
Primary-focussed search engine - Kidrex
Make and share your own flashcards - Quizlet

Screenshot 2017-08-23 at 3.18.35 PM.pngAll about Singapore Math (consultant's point of view)

Spelling City
Word Cloud : WordItOut
Puzzle Maker
Newsela Elementary - build reading comprehension with nonfiction that's always relevant: daily news.
Make your own comic strip - Makebeliefscomix

PhET Online Simulations
Scholastic Study Jams - short instructional music videos on science & math
Teach Engineering Curriculum Ideas K-12

Phys Ed and Health:
Raise the Bar Intramurals
CIRA Intramurals and Health
Elgin St Thomas Health Unit
OPHEA Phys Ed Resources

Media Links:
Tech Online Habits and Recommendations: Common Sense Media
Choice in Education: Our Children, Our Choice

Professional Reading:
Christian School Journal - Dr Barry Mossbacker