All Grades - Tech

Using Google Drive at ICS:

external image Apps-Google-Drive-icon.png- log in for the first time, see the video: ICS Apps Tutorial 1 and ICS Apps Tutorial 2 (for Gr 1/2)
- now, do the Introduction to ICS Google Apps!
- all students need to sign the Responsible Use of Technology sheet.

Using Google Classroom:

external image JHqoSIZjzabtYyUQOvxI5gTift6n9oBPBYo9HbKZwllp8ybyzVpr-OhFvJzgx1UKlgdViFrYGKysXjzrfLuGw_dlMudjYjWgZ25s_emezesBD1u_TETLibE0QOLDIj5VyA
- link to Google Classroom

Examples of reliable online research sources (use Wikipedia for an initial look only):

Kiddle visual search engine for kids:
OACS Virtual Library: (go to Britannica, login as "ics", p/w is "aylmer")
online encyclopedia:
online atlas:
Canadian Atlas:
online doctionary:
online thesaurus:
Elgin County Library homework help site: Homework Help
use your library card to access the library: Elgin County Library

external image to do research:

How to Cite Your Sources: slideshow
Gr 5/6 Encyclopaedia Britannica tutorial: click here
Gr 7/8 Encyclopaedia Britannica tutorial: click here

Term 1 - Library / Keyboarding: see the teaching slides here.keyboarding.png

gr 2-8: Go to: Typing.Com, (teacher's portal login). Use your ICS user name as a login.
gr 1-3 - For fun skill development, try: BBC Dance Mat Typing;

gr 7/8: Google Classroom Enter code: 2pzn7x to join Gr 7/8 Library / Tech class. example:

Term 2 - Tech Skills:

gr 1:
gr 2/3/4:
gr 5/6:
gr 7/8:

Intro to coding: "Erase All Kittens" game - change the HTML and CSS code to win!
Or, play with Javascript computer code here:
Participate in the Hour of Code!

Tech Tools for Learning

Make videos, and record a lesson: Screencast-O-Matic
Make a speaking avatar (alternative to a video, make a student or teacher presentation fun!): Voki
Online Classroom Tools (simulated FB, Twitter, games for lesson reinforcement):
An example of how various tools might be used - 7 minute video reflection from CSI Building a Blended Course
Google Play Music
Quizzizz (Interactive Assessment Tool)

Term 3 - Online Safety, Habits and Citizenship:

gr 2/3/4: Gr 2-4, earn your Digital Passport
gr 5/6: Online Searching slides. Google Classroom code: g9ke3il.
Search Strategies Game
"Can You Find the Information?" Challenge
Digital Choices: Gr 5-8, play the digital choose-your-own-adventure game at Online Compass.
gr 7/8: Online Habits slides. Google Classroom code: hg1xcb.
- check out the 2013 class blog:
Let your light shine online: Gr 7/8 choose a relevant topic area, discuss, engage and share at Digital Bytes

All Grades - Library

Mrs. Lodge's Library Shelving Game

OACS Virtual Library

LEGO Programming course link

Battle of the Books list 2017