Log in for AR quizzes at school here:


Check to see if a book from home has an AR quiz:

ARBookFinder can find the quiz info for books not in our library:www.arbookfind.com

Accelerated Reading Link from Home:

View as a Parent / Student:

1. In a web browser, enter the address provided or click on: AR Home Connect
2. Enter a user name and password, and click Log In.
3. Click the Accelerated Reader tab to view results for the most recent quiz taken
and a progress summary for the current marking period.
4. To view data for a different time frame, click the drop-down list next to My
Overall Progress and select the marking period.
5. Click View My Bookshelf to see all the books for which Reading Practice
Quizzes have been taken.
6. Click a book jacket to see details for that book.
7. Click Done to return to the main page.
8. Click Log Out to exit.
9. Read this guide for more information.

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