with Ms. Farrow Jones
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Learning Art at ICS is a process of imagining, discovering and taking risks. Students learn that "mistakes" are a process of learning a skill. See the Ministry of Education's outline of the The Creative Process (pg 20) which can teach students a premise of learning that benefits all subject areas.
Primary Art - GRADES 2/3

Name - image expectation. Learning critique? -
Texture - find textures /rubbings to make an image/with cutouts

Texture: lead into paper mache technique.
Use one colour to make image/landscape

NOVEMBER: Paint Exploration - Are we ready to explore paint media?
layering landscapes. Planning with media - Lawren Harris

DECEMBER: Paper Mache ornaments
continuation of texture into shape - sculpture.

JANUARY: Emphasis and Pattern - Can they go together? Escher

Balance and uniity - Mondrian

MARCH: Form - Sculpture - Clay, pottery mosaic with egg shells

Form - Sculpture - Clay, pottery mosaic with egg shells

MAY: silhouettes / vase. Negative and positive space. and
Collage colour theory

JUNE: Rhythm - Movement - How can still pictures show rhythm or movement?

Junior Art - GRADES 4/5, 5/6
bubble letters
3d alphabet

Colour theory through paint exploration

OCTOBER: Thanks giving - collage.
Texture - rubbings/ collage

NOVEMBER: Remembrance Day
Drawing and colouring techniques
Water colour techniques

DECEMBER: snow man socks


Drawing, cartooning, modeling clay

MARCH: drawing drills, face features, final split face sketch

APRIL: drawing continued

MAY: painting skills acrylic- final project en plain air

JUNE: Connect with science project building kites?

Intermediate Art - GRADE 7/8

SEPTEMBER: Intro to scetchbook use - Text, illuminations. value chart, colour chart, fundamentals

OCTOBER: Identity collage - applying collage techniques and reflection (Christian identity)

NOVEMBER: Remembrance Day, FIsh contest Posters Sock Monsters
(Applying techniquies to create form)

DECEMBER: Sewing techniques - Find Volunteers -Sockmonsters - Drama if time?

JANUARY: wire art sculpture - Intro into abstract, abstract expressionism creation and realism

FEBRUARY: clay sculpture - African pottery

MARCH: Fraction Art- Student image of choice at least 8x10 (Exemplars available) Realism

APRIL: photography - forced perspective, photdrawgraphy

MAY: Final Project - artist research and artwork example - artist's style with student's interest combined. book lab

JUNE: Final Project - artist research and artwork example - artist's style with student's interest combined Book lab

Junior - Intermediate Art Kits available - buy individually or as a set price $15

Supplies include a fine point sharpie (black) - $2.00 (this item will no longer be available to borrow due to students not returning or misplacing)

pencil set for drawing - $6.00

eraser set (includes a kneadable, rubber and vinyl eraser), $3.00

and sketchbook $6.00

Contact Ms. Farrow Jones to arrange order.

Donations are greatly appreciated!
Please donate colourful/ patterned socks (Ardenes) for sock monster project.
White tube socks for sock snow people.
Plain white rice.
Clothes pins.
Pine cones for primary classes.
Pie plates
Baby food jars

Time: If you can sew, paint, glue, or just like to help in an art class. Please contact Ms. Farrow Jones to arrange a time!