Grades 2 and 3

Homeroom Teacher: Miss Loewen

Welcome to our class Wikispace! This is where you will find helpful links and updates about our classroom.

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Google Classroom

I will be posting announcements and different activities for us to be working on. Please keep checking it for updates.

Helpful Links

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Grade 2 Math with Ms Loewen

Time Games:
Time Travel Bingo, Basketball, etc. Time Games

Addition Games Subtraction Games Multiplication Games Division Games
Money Games:
Cash Out Peter's Pigs Money Metropolis Road Trip to Savings

Grade 3 Math with Mr Cameron

Our class math games - see the rules!math games.png
Small group math games: see Mr Cameron's game slides
Third Grade Math Games at abcya
Grade 3 at SplashMath
Third Grade Math Activities and Games at
Place value links:
headerlogo.gifSheppard math place value page

Language Arts

Teach Your Monster to Read type in first name and first letter of last name (Like This: Amanda L)
Listening Centre
Story Online
external image tumblebooks.jpg
St Thomas Public Library Click on For Children and Teens then on Tumblebooks at the bottom and copy this number to log in: 06278000776027

Creation Studies: Entomologist Investigations

Fact Page 1
Fact Page 2
Fact Page 3
Fact Page 4

Fact page 1
Fact page 2
Fact page 3
Fact page 4
Fact page 5
Fact page 6
Fact page 7
Fact page 8
Fact page 9

Fact page 1
Fact page 2
Fact page 3
Fact page 4