Grades 2 and 3

Homeroom Teacher: Miss Loewen

Welcome to our class Wikispace! This is where you will find helpful links and updates about our classroom.

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Google Classroom

I will be posting announcements and different activities for us to be working on. Please keep checking it for updates.

Helpful Links

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Grade 2 Math with Ms Loewen

Fact Practice:
Xtra Math
Time Games:
Time Travel Bingo, Basketball, etc. Time Games

Addition Games Subtraction Games Multiplication Games Division Games
Money Games:
Cash Out Peter's Pigs Money Metropolis Road Trip to Savings

Grade 3 Math with Mr Cameron

Our class math games - see the rules!math games.png

By the end of Grade 3, we will memorize all our one digit by one digit multiplication facts!
- try the good, old fashioned Quick Flash cards
- multiply to help Sketchh through his world!
- ready for the Flying High multi-player race?
- can you run a Fish Shop?
- or, build speed with the Math Trainer

Third Grade Math Games at abcya
Grade 3 at SplashMath
Third Grade Math Activities and Games at
Place value links:
headerlogo.gifSheppard math place value page

Language Arts

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