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Expectations per Term

Grade 7 = complete 7 new skills per term
Grade 8 = complete 8 new skills per term

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Reference materials: See sections below for more details and links!


PACS Unit -Dangerous Journey
Dangerous Journey Book
Chapter 1:Chapter 1 Summary Chapter 2: Part 2 Summary Ryan Ries
Chapter 3:Chapter 3 Summary Chapter 4: Chapter 4 Summary
Part 3 summary (Chapter 6&7)
Pilgrim's Progess Movie Christina's Journey
The Climb The Miracle Worker Seasons of Gray The River Within Unconditional
Easter Story (Lego) The Day After Tomorrow WWJD3 The Cross & the Switchblade
A Vow to Cherish The Greatest Game Ever The End of the Spear Lifted
Vanity Oscar
Christopher Yuan Testimony Monty Williams Eulogy Crooked Cop Forgiven

PACS Unit- Every Bit of Who We Are

Assyrian Torture On Psalm 139 -propaganda My Child Mike Fisher

Remember the Titans

Unit- Joseph:King of Dreams

Lacey May Forgiveness My King The Wood carver
  1. Story of Joseph 1
  2. The Story of Joseph 2

Unit-The Story of Esther: EstherMovie
  1. Websites: Jewish website Purim Everything Jewish
  2. Don't give up. LOTR
  3. Don't Give Up-Song
  4. Prisoner Alert
  5. Kidsourage
  6. Narnia Turkish Delight
  7. Narnia Battle Clip
  8. http://c586449.r49.cf2.rackcdn.com/The%20Story%20of%20Esther%20-%20a%20skit.pdf

Upon This Rock:

  1. The Church
  2. The Nicene Creed
  3. This I Believe (Hillsong)
  4. Catholics- Protestants
  5. Reformation
The Ten Commandments http://www.thebible-tencommandments.com/did-jesus-abolish-law.html

Health and Phys Ed

  1. God vs Evolution
  2. Mitosis
  3. Phases of Mitosis
  4. Meiosis Square Dance
  5. Mitosis vs Meiosis
  6. Mitosis vs Meiosis
  7. Body System: Skeletal System Skeletal System for Kids The Human Bod Muscular System Muscles2
  8. Body Systems: Digestive System Digestive Journey Digestion Digestion Test Digestion Quiz 2 BMI
  9. Respiratory System 7&8
  10. Respiratory System Circulatory System Nervous System
  11. Nutrition Eat Well\
  12. Nervous System Kids' Healt
  13. DMP
  14. Feelings Getting along with myself & others
  15. Genetics Nature/nurture twins
  16. Punnett Squares: Probability Quiz
  17. Anti-Discrimination
  18. Anti-Smoking Smoking effects Anti-Harrassment
  19. I am Second: Scott Hamilton
  20. Changes gr. 5&6: Puberty Girls Puberty Boys
  21. Adolescence gr.7&8 Sex Lies, and the Truth Focus on the Family Part 2 Part 3
  22. Marriage- Definition of Marriage Dr. James Dobson
  23. Other Sean Lowe Laugh Challenge Challenge #1 Laugh Challenge #3
  24. Cycling Safety Bike Safety gr.3&4
  25. Friendship Soup
  26. Fire safety
  27. House Safety
  28. Home Safety precautions
  29. Home Alone Safety
  30. Water/Swim Safety
  31. Sun Safety
  32. Seat belt Safety
  33. Organ Transplant
  34. Organ Transport
  35. How the Heart Works
  36. Birth Order Birthorder Quiz
  37. Friendships
  38. Bullying
  39. Stereotyping- Simpsons

Phys. Ed

  1. Team Handball
  2. THB Rules

Language Arts

Verb Rock
Swords into Ploughshares Definition

SPEAKFEST Student Planning Schedule and Guide

"In Focus"

Commercials Folder

  1. Talk Talk
  2. University of South Dakota
  3. 1-800. Contacts
  4. Trap Light
  5. Auto Parts
  6. Baby Toy
  7. Boston Pizza
  8. Restaurant Commercial
  9. Beef Jerky
  10. Computer Commercial
  11. Phone Commercial
  12. Gum Commercial
  13. Video Game
  14. Fedex Commercial (Ned)
  15. Shipping Commercial
  16. Pop Commercial
  17. Bicycle Commercial
  18. Stereotyping commercials
  19. Commercial Cost:Super Bowl
  20. UA Shoes
  21. UA Steph
  22. The Family

Perspective Messages

  1. Prosperity Gospel
  2. Desiring God
  3. G.O.S.P.E.L


Euler Circuits

How is math beautiful?

God and Math
Math Worksheets http://www.mathworksheets4kids.com/order-of-operations.php

3 Exponent Rules for Algebra http://themathpage.com/alg/exponents-2.htm

Gauss Math Contest Practice Tests:


Bring your instruments on Mondays and Wednesdays
Practice 3x each week and get your practice sheets signed by your parents.


Unit: My Father's World

Where on Earth? Lesson 5 OACS
Introduction to Biomes
Biomes of the World
North America Map
Rain Forest

Unit: Living in the Deciduous Forest

  1. Deciduous Forest Biome
  2. Life Energy Cycle Task
  3. Blue Planet Biomes- Deciduous
  4. Kitchener Flag
  5. Kichener Ontario
  6. History of Aylmer
  7. Aylmer Wikipedia

Unit: Arid and Semi-Arid Land
  1. African Beetle
  2. Deserts and Semi-Desert Biome
  3. Deserts and Semi Deserts 2
  4. Water for the World
  5. Salissou's Story
  6. Poverty in Africa


Videos:The Roman Empire and Middle Ages and Renaissance and Reformation

  1. https://mrgrayhistory.wikispaces.com/UNIT+1+-+ANCIENT+ROME
  2. https://mrgrayhistory.wikispaces.com/UNIT+6+-+EARLY+MIDDLE+AGES
  3. https://mrgrayhistory.wikispaces.com/UNIT+7+-+LATER+MIDDLE+AGES
  4. https://mrgrayhistory.wikispaces.com/UNIT+10+-+THE+RENAISSANCE
  5. https://mrgrayhistory.wikispaces.com/UNIT+11+-+THE+REFORMATION
  6. Augustine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztv_1H7HCkM

Black Death:

Videos: The Reformation

  1. The Reformation Part1
  2. The Reformation Part 2
  3. Martin Luther Heretic
  4. Reformation: Setting the Stage 1 of 4
  5. Luther Summary 2 of 4
  6. After Luther 3 of 4
  7. John Calvin
  8. Calvinism
  9. Menno Simons
  10. Zwingli and Calvin Part 1
  11. Zwingli and Calvin Part 2
  12. Spread of Christianity

Videos:The Story Begins, The Story Intensifies, The Story Crests, The Story Expands

Map: First Nations in North America
  1. Canada: A People's History- Episode 1
  2. Canada: A People's History- Episode 2 1/7 (Frobisher)
  3. Canada:A People's History-Episode 2 2/7 (Champlain)
  4. Canada: A People's History- Episode 2 3/7 (Fur Trade)
  5. Canada: A Peoples History Episode 3 (King Louis XIV, Talon, filles de roi)
  6. Canada: A People's History- 1670-1754
  7. Canada:A People's History- 1754-1775
  8. History of Quebec: French -Native Alliance
  9. Battle on the Plains of Abraham
  10. Plains of Abraham
  11. The Seven Years War
  12. The Royal Proclamation
  13. The Quebec Act 1
  14. The Quebec Act
  15. The Intolerable Acts (Cartoon)
  16. The American Invasion of Canada
  17. The American Revolution - History of Quebec 17
  18. The American Revolution 1
  19. The Burning of Washington
  20. War of 1812 in 3 minutes
  21. The War of 1812
  22. War of 1812 -Funny
  23. The Lower Canada Patriots
  24. 1837-Patriote Rebellion
  25. End of the Lower Canada Rebellion
  26. Rebellion 1837- Upper Canada
  27. Responsible Government
  28. Life of Sir John A. Mac Donald
  29. Sir John A
  30. Canadian Pacific Railway
  31. CPR_Chinese Grit
  32. Charlottetown Conference 1864
  33. Fenian Raids 1866
  34. Confederation 1867
  35. Act of Union & Louis Riel
  36. History of Canada in 2 minutes
  37. Billy Bishop (The Kid who Never Missed)
  38. Billy Bishop: The Great War

Archives of Ontario: Day by Day: Five Women and their Diaries Ontario History Quest: 1850s Webquest Canada in the Making: http://www.canadiana.ca/citm
For all results lower than 70%, students need to correct the quiz on force & work as well as the make-up questions by Thu Feb 4.